Sheryl Intrator Urman                                             


Gallery People

I love painting on wood, because I feel I am working with nature. Somehow,  I am guided to the forms locked in the wood. I follow the grain and the lines show themselves to me.  I incorporate the knots as special points in the panels.   I outline the grain in each panel as the forms are revealed. Once my lines were drawn, I choose where I want to allow the grain to show through.  The grain adds a dimension to the painting, a texture which I feel contributes to the paintings. The painting is done in a process of layers and stages. I use primers and several layers of acrylic paints and glosses or other materials  to achieve the finish for the background.  I then create a wash using, paints or inks or other materials as I push color into the wood where I chose for the grain to show through.  I usually outline the shapes in gold oil paint, adding a rich quality and old ancient oriental quality to the work.  I add gold tones, cooper and silver oil paints as details. I began to experiment with color, first trying to achieve an ancient medieval/renaissance look and then using color to bring a more modern look to the panels.  I can feel the gift from G-d  as I create.

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